Visionary art by Melody Krafft
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Mountain of Dreams, by Melody Krafft
Mountain of Dreams
Watercolor illustration, 14 x 10 1/2 on Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper

"Think and dream the impossible."

Psychic Art & Spirit Art & Spirit Communication

See the spiritual and mystical realms of Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones on the Other Side through the Visionary Art of Melody Krafft and receive messages.

Workshops & Message Circles

There are times when we feel stuck.  Are you ready for change and something new and wonderful?  Please join with me in exploring and expanding your intuition, creativity and joy.  Receive helpful messages from spirit.  Nurture yourself and take time for you.  Come with the intention that all is possible.  See you there!

Fore-edge Paintings

Traditional and modern Fore-edge Painting for the book and art collector

Imagine & Create

Hold this thought for today.  “I am a field of all possibilities.”